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Leaders need Leaders, Pastors need Pastors

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We exist out of a need for leaders and pastors to find healing, restoration and support.

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Pastoral Restoration

A proven and successful opportunity that meets you where you're at, providing you with clarity, guidance and a customized approach to your healing.

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Ministerial Licensing

Transfer pastoral credentials, earn them back after restoration or apply for them for the first time. Click below for full process and application.


School of Jewish Context

Learn from Messianic Jewish Rabbis and contextual preaching Pastors who all have roots or experience in Israel

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New for 2023!

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a stunning property in Winston-Salem, North Carolina called "The Reserve." We are currently fundraising to open our doors by March 2023 as a retreat and restoration center for pastors and leaders and their staffs from across the world.

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Pastoral Restoration


Journey to Wholeness

Bridging scripture & neuroscience 
to equip individuals to find the root cause of reoccuring patterns in their life to conquer inner struggles and face life's challenges

Whoever said being a leader or pastor is easy? As a leader, you are accountable for so many, and that responsibility is heavy. We launched the Exchange Collaborative out of that need; the pressure that has pastors leaving their posts in droves, the crushing that has churches being closed at a time where the local church IS the hope for hurting people at even deeper levels.

If you're reading this, it's not a coincidence. And we know that what God has started in you, He will see through to completion.

Journey to Wholeness
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Interested but not ready to make a commitment? Listen to our podcast where we interview other leaders and pastors and explain more of our story of a fall and the painful reconstruction so we could rise out of the rubble.

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What's Your Story?

Why are we asking? Because we want to know who you are, where you're at, and what you've seen and experienced. Yes, you! Email Shawn and Sonny and share your story.

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Become an Affiliate

You are able to utilize us when you are low on staff and/or are personally focusing. We can provide full sermon series packages with notes, graphics and video packages, kids church services and worship sets, and graphic and media support. Affiliates also can provide Journey to Wholeness to their congregation while we do the training and legwork for you! Contact us to learn more.

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