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Have you been hurt recently, or the in the past, or both? Are you trying to keep it together and move forward for the sake of your livelihood and for the sake of others but it's just too much? Are you just so tired of the lies and deception plus all of the pain swirling in the world around you?

If you're trying to navigate the chaos on your own and need closure for past abuses at the hand of another, we are here to help you with your emotional healing and spiritual wholeness both personally and with our proven program.


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Masterclass Sunday

Do you find you run at a different pace? Your heart beats faster when you get passionate about things some find overwhelming? Do you feel disconnected from other thought leaders whose dreams are bigger than yours...or at least, as big?

We felt the need too and acknowledge a void in the church format for this mindset. Soon, we will host, not just a small group, but a church community to be your church home for things that matter to you as a natural leader and big thinker. We will be requesting that you contribute too so we can cover everything your particular family is facing which is likely what other families are in need of too.

The Goal: Mastermind level 30 minute sessions, offered monthly on a Sunday morning to implement Jesus principals into our career, our new ventures, our emotional health, physical health, financial growth, and most importantly into our home. Closing the gap in our Mind, Body, & Spirit by offering knowledge and tools in a 2 hour time block one Sunday per month both in person in select cities and virtually worldwide. 

Talk or text directly to Shawn (920) 883-9055 or Sonny (920) 883-2640

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Masterclass Sundays

The Emotional & Spiritual Healing Program

We all need to understand how our brain functions and how unacknowledged trauma influences our thoughts, feelings and behaviors so we can understand what is affecting us today. When you do, you can effectively move in the direction that will give you the results you want. When you don’t, you may experience one or more of the following:

  • You feel like you’re stuck in an unhealthy cycle.
  • You struggle with your personal or professional relationships.
  • You’re quick to react and are angry often.
  • You find it difficult to make sense of your emotions.
  • You have a hard time making decisions or sticking to your commitments.
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1 on 1 Coaching

Your lengthy therapy session—oops, we mean observation and consultation with Sonny—serves to establish your personal needs and wants, as well as those for your church.

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