An Atmosphere of Peace

The Reserve sits on a sprawling 20 acre, wooded hillside in Winston-Salem, NC.  The Luxury amenities in the boutique hotel style main house exists for rest, restoration and refreshing.


  • 9 luxury guest rooms, 7 bathrooms
  • Poolhouse with cabana, hot tub, and pool
  • Clubhouse with extra meeting room, fitness center and future theatre room.
  • Stocked bass pond for fishing or sitting shoreside in Adirondacks or lounging on the dock
  • 1 mile hilled and wooded hiking trail along a small creek
  • Relaxation areas through out the property for private reflection time and restfulness

We Host:


The Reserve hosts the hurting, intervenes with moral failures, and helps leaders and pastors fall all the way so they can have a rise after the fall that looks like a restored marriage and healthy relationships with their children first and foremost. 


On Site Events

From oasis-like outdoor settings nestled amidst a bass stocked glistening pond and colorful landscapes to beautifully redesigned interior spaces, the elegant surroundings of The Reserve will create a unique and memorable backdrop for your special occasion. 

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Corporate Retreats

Corporate leaders, pastors or entrepreneurs are able to rent the boutique hotel, the 1890's cabin, the clubhouse, poolhouse and two meeting rooms for the perfect staff or family getaway. Packages available for partial or full access to the 20 acre property. 

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Sonny Hennessy, owner of The Exchange Design, renovates another unique property and this time on a sprawling 20 acre oasis with boutique touches for a Carolina Caribbean experience.

The Backstory of The Reserve

The Exchange Collaborative was formed as a 501c3 nonprofit to help Leaders and Pastors (and actually all those involved) to get help after a fall. Better still, to help prevent a fall. When a person has fallen, we are here to guide in actually falling "all the way" as has become the phrase we continually use in our podcast, The Rise After the Fall. This looks like, full admission and repentance so a turn around through wholeness is possible. The frequency of burn out, poor decisions or moral failures is alarming and seems to be increasing for Pastors. We don't know if it was the additional pressure the pandemic placed on pastors and their families, but whatever it was, it's not acceptable and we have given the rest of our lives to become a part of the process of emotional and spiritual healing and wholeness.

Our podcast has been shared and found by those in need and we have even developed a lead team to be the watchmen and watch-women for those headed in the wrong direction and/or already in the middle of a mess. As men and women reach out to us, we keep the Director of Journey to Wholeness, Becky Alcantar, too busy flying all over the country to do intensives for couples and individuals and even entire church staffs.

Then we were reminded of a 25 year old vision of having a retreat center for pastors to come to for refreshing. We always thought it would be Sonny's family ranch on the border of Montana and Wyoming but the very day their family signed closing documents to sell the ranch, we were signing closing documents for The Exchange Collaborative to purchase a 20 acres with 5 properties in pristine condition in North Carolina. Now, we are able to host people in Green Bay, North Carolina, or in their area of the country when they are willing to bring us in. 

This property is already being financially supported by authors, business owners, pastors and generous people in NC and the nation as they believe in this mission to leaders and pastors specifically.  


Project Status

We are currently fundraising for the development of the property. See below for how you can help! 

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